Introduction to Chef

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Hi all,

Knoldus has organized an one hour session on 10th Feb 2016 at 5:00 PM. Topic was Introduction to Chef. Many people have joined and enjoyed the session. I am going to share the slides here. Please let me know if you have any question related to linked slides.

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How to build secure Web Application

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We all use web applications everyday whether we consciously know it or not. That is, all of us who browse the web.Now a days we have seen a significant surge in the amount of web application specific vulnerabilities that are disclosed to the public. No web application technology has shown itself invulnerable, and discoveries are made every day that affect both owners and users security and privacy.

Security professionals have traditionally focused on network and operating system security. Assessment services have relied heavily on automated tools to help find holes in those layers,so we need some guideline to build secure web application apart from networking and operating system concept.

Software is generally created with functionality first in mind and with security as a distant second or third. This is an unfortunate reality in many development shops. Designing a web application is an exercise in designing a system that meets a business need and not an exercise in building a system that…

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(Code Dissection) Akka Quartz Scheduler Scala’s way of scheduling(Part -2)

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I hope you guys are doing good, and had a fresh breath. Put your mask again if you find the previous topic smelly, as we are going to finish up the dissection for Akka Quartz Scheduler. I am going to refer the every Quartz-Scheduler things prefixed with java. So when I say Java-Quartz-Scheduler, I mean the the quartz library which is made through java, and which is wrapped by the Akka Quartz Scheduler. And one more thing to noticed is that QuartzSchedules and QuartzSchedule are different.

Alright, so let’s start then. First let’s revisit some of the parts of Akka-quartz which will help us to do the dissection part easily. If you check the repo, you will find that the class that we interact with is the QuartzSchedulerExtension. First we initialize it and then schedule it. When we initializes it, we have some states(immutable) for itself, then the schedule…

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