Domain Driven Design with Scala

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The benefits of DDD have been elucidated multiple times. For us, at Knoldus, we want to make sure that quality of software developed goes a long way. More than 70% of the cost of the software is spent in the maintenance of the software and hence it becomes absolutely essential that a good amount of time is spent in making the right software right. The following slide deck and video was a part of our KnolX session which is held every week on Wednesday. The Knoldus Next series of sessions is an attempt to keep the quality of deliverable’s high by introducing new Knolders to the quality practices at Knoldus and reiterate the values to existing Knolders.

Part One

Part Two

Ok, we cheated a little 😉 It does not contain a lot of Scala but then the values of DDD are domain agnostic. We try hard to do…

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