CRUD operations with PostgreSQL using SLICK with LOGBACK EMAIL functionality.

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This article is about to show how to send logging email using logback-test.xml, the backend is postgresql and the queries format is in slick, language used is scala.

The code is well commented so, files to be noticed are:

  1. KnolRepo.scala
  2. KnolRepoTest.scala
  3. logback-test.xml

Download the source code to check the functionality. GitHub

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Playing MultipartFormData: A basic example to handle and test MultipartFormData request in Play Framework 2.3.8

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Playing MultipartFormData

The following blog and attached code represent an example to upload file using MultipartFormData request and Testing it into Play Application.

A basic example to handle and test MultipartFormData request in Play Framework 2.3.8

The standard way to upload files in a web application is to use a form with a special multipart/form-data encoding, which lets you mix standard form data with file attachment data. Please note: the HTTP method used to submit the form must be POST (not GET).

Code in action for Controller and Service

  val uploadService: UploadService

  def upload = Action(parse.multipartFormData) { implicit request =>
    val result = uploadService.uploadFile(request)
    Redirect(routes.Application.index).flashing("message" -> result)
 /** * Get file from the request and move it in your location * * @param request * @return */ def uploadFile(request: Request[MultipartFormData[TemporaryFile]]): String = { log.error("Called…

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